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Creatives Having Illustrating Love and Light

We are a group of creative individuals who believe it is our responsibility to serve our community through service and outreach. We believe it is important to raise our conscious awareness to elevate love and light and bring about transformation for ourselves and others. We believe we must love more freely and come together in unity and assist in breaking down walls of segregation and separation. We believe that light is more powerful than darkness. May we raise our lights an illuminate our world and overcome darkness. 

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It is our intention to serve humanity and to use our time, talents and resources to create a better living environment for everyone. We work closely with the homeless, foster children, the elderly and the financially challenged. We view serving as an opportunity not an obligation.



We are excited about individuals being part of our team to encourage, serve and empower lives. As we serve together we will transform our city, state, country and world. We are inspired by the examples given to us by Ghandi, Mother Theresa, Martin Luther King and John F. Kennedy. They were individuals who dreamed more for the benefit of humanity than the benefit of themselves.



It is our intention to be engaged in a variety of philanthropic causes. Through this attitude of service, we can help transform multiple lives at a time. Please check our our calendar and join us in impacting and transforming lives.

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